Patch 1.0.7 Notes

Version 1.0.7 changes began at the Steam version of White Pearl commencing 2nd January 2018, and updates to the version were made until the alternate ending was finished for the game.

Version 1.0.7 will be released on Steam first, at 5th February 2018.

Version 1.0.7 will be released, here, on, at 25th February 2018.

The reason for the delay between the Steam and versions is because re-releasing the game as a completely new package will take some time.

Due to the frequency at which updates were made, not every single change may be covered here.

Version 1.0.7

- A few spelling errors in Jelesta has been corrected.

- Spelling errors in Kolan has been fixed and certain interactables are now working properly.

- The position of an NPC in Kolan has been changed.

- Poison item names have been corrected.

- A bug preventing the notice of new information at the Overworld was fixed.

- A potential error with the cutscene commencement at the airship (after being obtained at Kolan) has been corrected.


- The bug at Cesa Volcano, where interacting at a certain movement point would grant the player sprite invisibility, has been fixed.

- The puzzle at Lava Cavern - Underneath the Flaming Sea could be avoided. It has been corrected accordingly.

- (This bug was only present by the time the option to skip the intro was added in the Steam version). Commencement of wrong cutscenes relating to the intro in certain areas have been corrected. This issue was caused by skipping the introduction of the game.

- An unknown issue with random encounters disabling at the Image of Prevesta has been fixed.

In addition to this, the passage of certain tiles on the Image of Prevesta has been corrected.

- Movement point issues with Kolan after Chapter 11 has been corrected. The movement points will now always place you at the Overworld after certain events have transpired.


Cloaked Kresnik - Gold received increased from 1G to 100G.

Armoured Kresnik - Gold received increased from 1G to 100G.

Cerberus - Gold received increased from 200G to 400G.

Eagle of Light - EXP received increased to 4220EXP.

Tainted Slime - EXP received increased to 4400EXP.

Machination of Magtek - ATK decreased from 150 to 120. MAT decreased from 150 to 120.

Physical resistance decreased to 15%, and various elemental resistances have been removed.


Cover - The effects have been changed to: "Selected ally takes 25% less physical and magical damage for 3 turns. Has a cooldown of 2 turns."

Adloquium - Now removes Poison+, Blind+, Bleed+ and Bleed.


- The design of the Party Menu has been adjusted:

- The design of the battle UI has been adjusted:

- New cursors have been added and replaced the old ones.



Berserker's Potion - Now restores 480HP to user.



Silver Sword - Added a new effect: "Influence of Divinia: 20% chance to inflict Light Resistance Down (10%) upon attack".

Can now be sold at a price of 250G.

Soul Sword - Effect of Soul Drainer changed from "Drains 3% of foe's HP on attack", to "Drains 12% of foe's HP on attack".

ATK increased from 25 to 33.

No longer decreases DEF by 8.

Deals dark physical damage upon attack.

Has a new animation upon attack.


Feather Spear - Added a new effect: "Aero Attack: 20% chance to inflict Wind Resistance Down (10%) upon attack".

Now deals 100% wind-physical damage upon attack. 

No longer decreases LUK by 5.

Pierce the Veil - Renamed to "Piercing Lance".

Added a new effect: "Invoke Burn: 30% chance to inflict Burn upon attack".


A new weapon, Bloodletter Battleaxe, has been added.

A new weapon, Darkheart's Axe, has been added.



Seal of Monsters - Price has been reduced from 2000G to 300G.

Can now also be bought from Conner - situated in the Kolan Underground Caverns.

Scroll of Knowledge - Price has been reduced from 2000G to 1250G.

Can now also be bought from Conner - situated in the Kolan Underground Caverns.


- The volume, sound and display of certain animations have been adjusted.


- The World Map can be brought up while exploring in field using LB(X360)/S(keyboard).


- New music has been added.

- BGM playback at the main ending has been adjusted.

- Loops on certain BGMs have been fixed.

- The victory theme has been relooped to include the inital fanfare.

- Unused music has been removed for the game's local folder. This does not include the RTP audio files.


Chapters & Cutscenes

- An alternate chapter has been added, Chapter 13-2. 

(Please note, Chapters can only be tracked on the Steam version of the game). 

This chapter can be activated only at Chapter 13, in the Tower of Souls - accessed in the Overworld at the island near Jelesta.

New cutscenes have been added with the alternate chapter, which eventually leads to an alternate ending.

Party Members

- A'thir has been added as a playable party member. He is only playable during Chapter 7 and 13-2.


Conner has been added in Kolan Underground Caverns.  He sells special items.

Additional dialogue options have been added with the implementation of Conner in Kolan Underground Caverns.


Several new enemies have been added for Chapter 13-2.

Names of these enemies have been excluded to prevent spoilers.



- Shadow Cloak, Darkness Without, White Feather, White Fire, Extension of Darkness, Shroud of Black, Dark Aura (Priori).

Tooltips of the new skills have been excluded in these patch notes.

*These skills have the same name of existing enemy skills, but have been reworked and added to A'thir's skillset.


Judgement: "Deals high damage to one enemy twice. Damage based on MAT. Has a cooldown of 2 turns." 

MP Cost: 15. Requires a scythe to use.

*Unlocked in Chapter 13-2.


A new type of weapon, Scythes, have been added.

A new weapon, Shadow Scythe, has been added.

Only Cassopeia can equip scythes.


A new armor, Fire Mage's Garb, has been added.

*This armor can only be obtained through Chapter 13-2. Changes may be made.


A new animation graphic has been added.

- Several new animations have been added.

Other New Additions

- New graphics and pictures have been added with Chapter 13-2.

New facial expressions for Cassopeia have been added. These are used in Chapter 13-2.

- A new achievement has been added: "Our World, Ottrea". 

*Achievements are only available to the Steam version of White Pearl.


A new area, the Tower of Souls has been added:

*There has been graphical issues while taking a screenshot of the map. Please note that this does not affect the area in the game itself.

- New areas Creation of Souls and Magtek's Domain - Exterior & Interior have also been added. 

Due to the nature of how these areas work in the alternate chapter, screenshots of them have been excluded.

- Ancarna Desert is now explorable after Chapter 11.

- An explorable developer area has been added. This area is only accessed at the end of Chapter 13-2, and it may not be exited from.


- In the event that you lose track of the ship when teleporting from the Celestial Plane to the Overworld, it can now be called towards the Jelesta region. *Only present during Chapter 11 onwards.

- Once finished speaking to the General at the Adventurer's Guild in Falcon at the introduction of the game, new tips have been included on how to use the Party Menu, and is more clear in explaining the controls.

- The encounter rate at Falcon Cave has been reduced.

- Various dialogue has been adjusted and corrected. These changes involve cut-scenes around the Falcon Province.

- When obtaining the World Map for the first time, it is explained that it can be displayed using LB/S. 

- In Jelesta, when the option to begin Pearlto's speech has been added, new notices have been added notifying the player that new content in the Overworld is available.

- An option to skip the intro has been added.


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