Patch 1.0.6 Notes

Version 1.0.6


Version 1.0.6 will be released at 1st January 2018.

Version 1.0.6 debuted with the Steam release of White Pearl at 23rd December 2017, and updates to the version were made until the end of December.

- Bugs which were reported have been addressed.

- The gab at Ancarna has been turned off when the cutscene about Elyswer's past commences. 

- The tileset used for the Image of Prevesta has been fixed, so players can longer pass through certain objects.

- The crash at Falcon Ruins when a battle was entered has been fixed by  disabling encounters until the cutscene with the General is finished and Pearlto and Katkin are going to save the king.

- A bug wherein, after selecting Valen Plains - Near City option on Valen Fast Travel menu, it would transport you to the perspective change area and if you selected cancel, would transport you to Valen Plains - Near City. The transportation has been corrected accordingly.

- In Falcon Ruins, where you could bypass saving the General by proceeding to the Throne Room even when Pearlto says he needs to save the General first, the player sprite did not move back. This issue has been fixed. 

- Eye of Death is now 100% resistant to Blind.

- The position of the treasure list has been adjusted so that it doesn't clash with the gab window. The fade rate has been increased.

- The text size of the Aura lore book has been increased, and a new graphic has been added with additional information.

- A new controls picture has been added, showing the controls for keyboard. It can be accessed by using the same controls Key Item, and selecting "Keyboard". 

In addition to this, more accessible controls have been added to the keyboard and gamepad examples.

- System slowdown has been reduced in Valen and Ancarna.

- EXP recieved by certain enemies has been increased.


- 2 new NPC sprites have been added.

- The F12 (reset to title screen) function has been removed.

- The design of Ancarna Desert has been altered. New interactable objects have been placed in the area.

- The design of Lava Ravine - Spectator's Overlook has been altered.

- More objects have been placed in the houses of Lucae.

- Music of Ancarna Desert has been replaced for more suitable BGM.

- The music of "Valen Plains" has been replaced to reduce overall file size.

- Both BGMs used in Falcon Swamp (field + battle) play Valen Plains.

- Different BGM no longer plays when entering the Tent at Falcon.

- Various BGM playback has been adjusted.

- The BGM of the Underworld has been replaced to reduce file size, and new BGM has been added which is the battle theme for the Underworld.

- The SE for attacks missing on enemies and allies has been changed.
In addition, the SE used for hitting enemies, enemies hitting allies, using skills from the menu, using items from the menu, recovering HP, moving from and to areas, enemy and boss deaths has also changed.
The Quest Accept and Complete jingles have been replaced.
The volume of certain skill SEs has been adjusted.
The SE for certain healing animations have changed.

- 2 new NPCs have been added at Ancarna Desert which give details about Aura Essence and the history of Ancarna.

- New content has been added to the Tower of Darkness - Decension to Doom. Players who have already played through this section of the game may not view the new content.
New graphics, lighting effects, animations, skills, and enemies have been added with the implementation of this new sequence.

- The ending has been extended to include an additional scene. The wait time before text advances has been increased.

- A fire puzzle has been added to Lava Cavern - Underneath the Flaming Sea.

- A graphic has been added to the restore point at the Tent at Falcon.

- When first obtaining the boat, the Locate Boat item is added.

- The position of the merchant at Ancarna Mine - Entrance when the merchant side quest has been completed has been adjusted so that the player can access the tent to rest if they wish.

- You can interact with the bookshelves at A Safe Haven once the Sigil questline has been accepted to give info on how to properly advance the sidequest.

- Some cutscenes have been altered so that graphical and audio changes are happening more subtly.

- You can now return to the main area of Falcon when you need to grind.


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Jan 01, 2018

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