Patch 1.0.5 Notes

Version 1.0.5

- Some spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed.

- Some cutscenes have been tweaked to reduce graphical errors, or feel more natural.

- When finding a Stimulating Salve in the Lava Cavern, the system would incorrectly state the item's name as "Pheonix Down".

- The animation graphic "Glass" has been added to the game as the Bodyslam animation was dependant on the graphic and the system would display a message, forcing you out of fullscreen mode - when the animation was played and the graphic missing.

- The second cutscene at Valen Waterway - Broken Water no longer uses the player sprite, and instead  uses Pearlto's sprite. Since the player sprite is dependant on the leader, the player could switch the sprite to somebody else who wasn't Pearlto - even though Pearlto was speaking in the cutscene.

- Upon a character's death in battle, their sprite will change to a coffin unless revived.

- When proceeding to Kresniks' HQ after Pearlto's Perspective, it is now explorable.

- The urns at Kuta are no longer passable.

- A new weapon, Kresniks' Switchblade, has been added.

- Text fades after 60 frames, no longer 85 frames.

- Text now begins at a smaller zoom and size has been reduced, reducing lag when more targets are hit, and freeing up screen space.

- Once the crafting tutorial is finished, another NPC appears alongside Joanne. Interact with this NPC to look at the stats of equipment available to craft.

- Transparency issues with A'thir's faceset has been fixed.

- The design of the map "Path to the Volcano" has been altered.

- One extended version of existing music has been added.

- The bgm for the attack on Kresnik HQ has changed.

- The battle bgm for the Eye of Death has changed.

- The battle bgm for Alberio has changed.

- When in Pearlto's perspective, Prevesta Cave now has a sequence of events to get through to Kresniks' HQ.  With these new events implemented, players who have already completed Pearlto's Perspective, will not be able to view these new events at Prevesta Cave.

New files have been added with the implementation of this new sequence.

- When first entering the Great Library with Kurone and Cass, Iris and Zhang gain 4 levels. This reduces the need for grinding these characters to be of equal level to the rest.

- White Pearl will be releasing on Steam this December with the 1.0.6 update.

- With the addition of the 1.0.5 update, the need to download the 1.0.4 hotfix with the 1.0.4 version of the game is no longer necessary. 

- The V.10.6 update will be released Jan 2018 to itch.

- Achievements

- Nataxnius has been added to the credits for scripters.
- Cyanic has been added to the credits for scripters.


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Nov 30, 2017

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