Patch 1.0.4 Notes

Version 1.0.4

All previous version saves are compatible with this version.
To use your saves from a previous version, copy/cut paste the .rvdata2 prefaced with "Save" from the older version, to the latest version!

Balance Changes
Cait Sith
- ATK reduced from 40 to 35.

Floating Eyeball
- ATK reduced from 40 to 35.

Blizzard Hound
- ATK reduced from 42 to 35.

Red Goblin
- ATK reduced from 36 to 30.

Leather Hat
- No longer gives +2 AGI, and instead gives +3 MDEF.

Major Fixes
- The tileset used for the Tainted Forest has been fixed so that players can no longer phase through certain objects.

- An issue wherein entering Prevesta Forest when the party is first set to travel to Prevesta will place you on a fence.

Minor Fixes
- At Elrise's flashback, the sprites used for the children no longer clip with Elrise, and move at a faster rate. 

- When entering Falcon Fields from Falcon, the system will now place you one tile across from the exit tile and graphical issues with these movement points have been fixed.

- An issue wherein, after speaking to the shop assistant at Prevesta's Item shop after fulfilling the requirements for the Otroot quest and handing them over to Holly - the system would keep deducting 6 Otroots from the player inventory even if no Otroots are present. This error would still be present after the quest is completed.
This error has been fixed by adding additional events to the shop assistant 
after handing over the Otroots and after completing the quest. 

Other Changes
- A new cutscene has been added showing the motives of A'thir leading up 
to the Great Library.

--SYSTEM (Battle)--
- The enemy HP bar in battle now displays for 120 frames (5 seconds), instead of 60 frames. This means that you can track the enemy's HP bar for longer when the action phase of battle begins.

- A new battle transition has been added, and it has replaced the old one.

- The battle bgm for the third encounter with Darkheart has changed, now seamless.


- When first discovering Falcon Cave, touching the invisible walls will display dialogue. These walls will be removed once the puzzle at Falcon Cave has started.


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Nov 19, 2017

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